Scarab Triathlon Club was formed in 2000 as a juniors club, which later accepted adult members, before transitioning into an adults only club for a number of reasons including the availability of coaches etc.

In recent years though, there has been a renewed interest from the group in restarting a junior section, and sufficient numbers of people willing to train as coaches and support the group in this aim.

We feel that the reintroduction of a junior section for the club would be a valuable addition to Wilmslow's sporting clubs. In the town (when Covid isn't getting in the way) we host the Wilmslow Triathlon in April, the South Manchester Triathlon in September, as well as a number of running events.


Junior clubs are an important part of participation in sports and exercise, as they provide a route for children to get into sport, benefit from the guidance of experienced athletes and coaches, and develop the skills to enjoy the sport and improve their fitness. Hopefully, they will carry this enthusiasm through into adult life, developing good habits in exercise and nutrition and having a healthy relationship with their bodies.

There are a number of fixed costs in setting up the Junior section which we are seeking assistance with, which include:


  • Safeguarding of children

  • Triathlon coaching qualifications

  • Paediatric First Aid qualifications

Legal checks

  • Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks


  • Club Insurances

Club equipment

  • Coaching uniforms

  • Run and cycle training

We estimate the initial start-up costs for the Club to be {...} which would enable us to secure all of the above training and preliminary certification in advance of our planned launch date of the 1st April 2021.

We have included a copy of our current financial plan below, which shows that with the investment requested received in advance of launch, and an initial core membership group of 9 children, the club can operate sustainably (analysis extended to 2024 when recertification of the Safeguarding, First Aid and DBS checks is required).

This is based on a monthly cost to parents of £20, which we consider to be very competitive compared to clubs of a similar nature in the Wilmslow area.

The analysis is also based on 12 of a possible 16 places being occupied, which allows for the club to support a small number of children from lower income families.


Triathlon is not the cheapest sport to participate in (you need a bike, helmet, running shoes, swimming equipment etc) but our approach to the club is that cost should not be an undue barrier to participation.  

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