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A lot of us have bikes, and you might have learnt to cycle on a bmx, a mountain bike or a road bike. 

When you do a triathlon, you are getting on the bike after a swim and trying to get your legs working after your arms have been working hard. You might also be riding on a course with lots of twists and turns, and so your bike handling needs to be good.

We meet at {venue} on sundays for a 2 hour training session which might include race skills like getting on and off the bike quickly, strength exercises, stretching, bike handling, bike maintenance skills etc.

In order to participate, you will need a bicycle which is in good working order, with functioning brakes, and you will need to wear a helmet which fits properly.

You will also need to come in your Scarab Tri t-shirt, which you should wear for the whole session.

We suggest you bring a drink, preferably water or weak juice (no fizzy pop or glass bottles) and a snack (bananas or nuts are good for energy), and a bag with your name on so you can keep everything together.

Coaches will be wearing their Scarab Tri coach t-shirts so you can spot them (if you are new to the club).

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