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We are running a Periodised training plan for the coming season, and the following file (PDF) gives an overview of the programme.

Periodised Training.jpg

The documents below may assist new Triathletes in their first races. Nothing beats experience, and although your first triathlon may feel daunting, preparing well and knowing what you will need on the day will help steady any nerves.

Sample kit list

The following links may be useful to anyone looking to get into triathlon, or those who are looking to develop further.

Triathlon England / British Triathlon - the national governing body. Useful resource for memberships, club information and upcoming events

The International Triathlon Union - the international governing body. The majority of races are run under ITU rules. The link below directs you to the rules page where you can download a copy in PDF.

The official Ironman page. Useful for race resources, training and other information if you are considering competing in an Ironman race.

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