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We meet every Wednesday at Wilmslow Leisure Centre at 8:30 pm, with the session running until 10:00 pm. Costs are £6 per session and we use a site called ClubSpark to manage our online bookings. It requires a British Triathlon account to access, which is free to set up. Follow the below link for more details.

New starters are welcome as long as a membership form is completed before attending the first session (payment can be deferred for a few weeks so that you can see whether it is for you).

Wilmslow Leisure Centre Pool

The pool is hired for the sole use of Scarabs, and is divided up into 3 lanes for swimmers of varying ability. If you know what your typical pace for 100m is, you can choose a lane that is at your ability level.

If you are a less confident swimmer, beginning in lane 1 will allow the coaches to gauge your ability and advise on areas of improvement.

We offer a swim video analysis service free of charge for members, and encourage new members to take the offer up within the first four weeks. An example of the footage is shown in the videos below - underwater video footage is taken on one length from the side, and on another length from the front. Verbal and written feedback, together with copies of the footage are given by one of the coaches to assist in your development and tracking of progress. 

Typically (so that everybody has the opportunity to access this tool) we run a video analysis session every month, so that you can compare how your stroke changes with time.

A sample training plan is provided below to give you an idea of the sort of session you can expect - the general pattern is to start with a warm-up, followed by drills to refine technique and then pyramid sessions to build speed or endurance.

Sample "Intermediate" lane training plan

During the summer, there are a number of opportunities for Open Water Swimming (useful if you are interested in competing in triathlons with OWS). Links and locations for the three main ones in the Manchester area are provided below. 

Pennington Flash hosts the swim for Ironman Bolton every year, and offers swimming all year round (weekly in the winter, three times weekly between April and September)

My Open Water Swimming Logo

Sale Water Park offers swimming four times a week from April to September, with informal opportunities for coaching.

Open Swim UK Logo
USwim Openwater Logo

ÜSwim operates out of Dock 9, Salford Quays and also offers swim locations at Boundary Park and Colwyn Bay

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